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The Hub Co was founded in 1995 and operated for several years as a digital transformation agency. Over that time we developed a digital platform which we now call Apollo. It now has ten plug-in software applications that cover the core requirements to perform digital transformation. Apollo the engines are a proven, open, dynamic browser based platform that uses the cloud for on demand hosting and delivery. The Hub end to end solutions based on Apollo include hardware and can be customised for many businesses areas including transit, retail, hospitality and financial services.

Our mission is to help companies looking to fast track digital transformation solutions which will reduce costs and increase revenues. Apollo then ensures all Hub solutions are future proofed as well as backward compatible with legacy systems given it is an open digital transformation platform.

Apollo Smart Platform

Powers Ten Smart Engines

The Hub Apollo platform powers ten independent customisable engines that can be fully integrated in order to deliver and manage the end-to-end digital customer journey - and beyond:

Spider - Device Manager

Spider remotely manages any device 24/7 and in real time.

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Snoopy - Security Manager

Snoopy ensures all devices are secure and compliant with EMV , PCI DSS and ITSO.

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Eagle - Payment Manager

Eagle is an open payment portal accepting any form of payment.

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Intrepid - Location Based Message Manager

Intrepid can create location based promotions, loyalty and real-time information (RTI).

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Aquarius - Ticket Manager

Aquarius can issue all forms of ticket either self-generating or from a feed.

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Antares - Communications Manager

Antares manages fixed, WiFi and 3G/4G connections.

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Falcon - Messaging Gateway Manager

Falcon manages SMS, MMS , Text, Email and encrypted messages.

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Orion - Business Intelligence Manager

Orion is focussed on gathering and analysing intelligent mobility data.

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Saturn - Prepaid Account Manager

Saturn is a back office system for open and closed loop account based solutions.

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Challenger - Added Value Manager

Challenger is looking ahead and enabling the enhanced end-to-end journey.

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We invite you to demo your own tickets on Apollo via any device. All you need to do is provide us with a ticketing feed - we’ll do the rest...

Call Sam Rudder (CEO) on +44(0)20 3008 6269

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