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The Hub Apollo ID platform can help register, track and identify people who have been or are infected by COVID-19 and at risk. 

Once the antibody test is made available we can then also provide those who have been tested and passed, especially key workers, with a secure digital ID either on any mobile device including a wearable such as a wristband. These can then be scanned by networked NHS Mobile apps with secure QR validation devices also registered on our Apollo cloud platform. 

This QR code mobile based solution will clear those who do not have COVID-19 or are immune and can be allowed to work without risk to others. All systems will be managed by an on line 24/7 Mission Control called Commander and any data processed or collected will be GDPR compliant. Of course, data security is paramount and will be held by recognised NHS trusted integration partners such as ParagonID and CloudUK. 

This end2end solution will help facilitate the well-being and movement of key workers back into society and then they can hopefully help The NHS to ensure many others subsequently can do the same.

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