Showrunner is taking a revolutionary approach to event and venue management by enabling Operators to manage any interaction with any customer at any touchpoint; before, during and after their event. This is transformational as for the first time Operators will have complete control of the customer experience ( we call it being the Master Merchant). This control gives the Operator the ability to massively increase revenue, lower costs through increased efficiencies whilst offering the best customer experience possible made available by unmatched business intelligence.

Showrunner’s technology has already been used by: Mastercard for smart card, phone and wristband issuance as well as smart contactless payments; the Twickenham committee for EMV smart wristband issuance, access and payments at POS; and today by all 54 UK racecourses to remotely run VIP and guest access control every day of the year. Showrunner’s technology has already issued over 40m tickets in a variety of forms as well as processing over £400m of cash and card payments and is licensed by The Hub Company Limited (est 1996). In 2019 the Apollo platform was reconfigured specifically to manage venues and events and we created a new division which we have called Showrunner.

Showrunner is looking to expand into the festival scene in 2020. We’re offering 10 festivals a free pilot of Showrunner technology. We believe this will allow us to prove to you what you can accomplish with the many significant benefits we offer. The pilot involves enabling faster cashless payments with enhanced data tracking and profile building and wi-fi hotspot. We will support up to 15 on-site Traders, give exclusive Trader discounts to staff (enabled through our WiFi loyalty accounts) and with the option of providing access for up to 200 punters concurrently.

Benefits summary: Year 1 (Pilot)

  • The 15 selected traders will be given Showrunner Trader POS devices networked and powered by Apollo at no cost. These devices will be guaranteed to take a card payment with no loss of signal.
  • Reduced transactional fees for Traders
  • The data gathered will allow the Operator to assess their pitch pricing, better analyse trader performance, adjust trader placement on site and to better understand customer buying habits and movements.
  • The Operator has the potential to also take a cut from each transaction.

Benefit potential: Year 2 Onwards

  • Reduced fees for ticket sale
  • A complete WiFi enabled event site
  • All Customer data is wholly owned by the Operator
  • Integrated staff accreditation system
  • Integrated Wristband Exchange and Access control
  • Wristband loyalty scheme encourages punters to increase spend
  • The Operator can access & manage all data and touchpoints live