Pre-Procurement by Smart Applications Management (SAM)

We are delighted to announce that The Hub Company has been selected and pre-procured by Smart Applications Management (SAM) and is now included in the National Mobilities Procurement Hub (NMPH) Framework 5, Lot 3, Account Based Ticketing (ABT) Service.

This contract enables SAM Local Authority and private transport operator members to call off The Hub Platform fare collection solutions to enable their current ticketing proposition, such as Pay You Go (PAYG) from a “Truth on Card” solution where capping takes place dynamically on the card, to an Account Based Ticketing (ABT) solution “Truth on Server” where the fare capping calculations take place in a centralised single back office. ABT is predicted to be the new and modern approach to fare collection in public transport systems and that have increasingly removed cash from the transaction at point of travel. It is designed to simplify the ticketing process for passengers and provide scheme operators with more efficient and flexible ways to manage fares and payments.

The Hub ABT offering has been developed with 28 years’ experience providing ticketing and validation services across transport and other related industries. We have issued over 50 million tickets over that time and our open IT platform is able to load any ticketing token (standard and smart) into open (EMV) and closed loop (ITSO) cards, mobile apps and wearable technology using all the necessary secure encoding protocols.

Levelling Up with Prepaid Community Cards

As leaders of place, people and communities’ local authorities face extremely challenging times with a need to reduce cost whilst still supporting their communities and driving through government initiatives such as levelling up, net zero and price capping on local transport networks.

With the cost of fuel both for domestic use as well for transportation local authority senior leadership teams are set to play a pivotal role in supporting communities through the remainder of 2022 and on into 2023.

Since 2012 a small number of local authorities have been using prepay cards for instant issuance of funds in an emergency, managing budgets for disability allowances and adult social care. However, the uses can be much wider and encompass many of the problems that the cost-of-living crisis has / will create.

For example, the use EMVco prepay cards allow everyone the same access to public bus services without the need to use cash for paper tickets thus making the use of public bus services simpler and more convenient for all. 

Pre Built Platform Delivering Enhanced Partnerships For BSIPs

Enhanced partnerships at the core of plans by LTA’s to provide seamless, simpler and cheaper journey options for your user groups; the need to innovate is becoming increasingly important to Local Authorities and LTS’s. The directive from Government through the BSIP funding round is placing Enhanced Partnerships and Transport Innovation front and centre of many future Transport plans.

Home delivery & payment gateway solution expands local breweries reach as online retail grows

Local West London Microbrewery, The Park Brewery, have adopted The Hub’s digital operations platform to run their online shop and home delivery service. The Hub was able to expand the breweries’ customer base to include customers nationwide, boosting sales. eCommerce and payment gateway technology continue to be hot topics with home delivery reaching record levels worldwide in the last year.

New COVID Test and Vaccine Status Certificate Ready for Rapid Deployment

Announcement of Innovate UK commissioned and UK developed end-to-end secure platform 

London, UK –  24.12.20; The Hub, an independent UK tech company announces a new mobile App-based COVID Status Certificate platform, developed in response to a challenge by Innovate UK to help protect lives and get Britain back to work.

Can a ‘digital hub’ enable the citizens of a Smarter State?

CEO of The Hub Company Sam Rudder on the role of technology in driving business change across the public sector – #techUKSmarterState

Covid-19 is revealing the need for both central and local controls in a smarter state. Some argue more central than local, some the opposite.  A digital ‘hub and spoke’ strategy will accommodate both and transform public services connecting customers and communities with government via proven, secure, digital solutions.