The Hub Platform and ongoing service and support

Configuration and Support

The following are the key services that The Hub Company provide:

Programme management and support: The Hub has been running digital transformation projects for well over 20 years. We follow a proven planning process as, although The Hub is pre-built, new functional requirements and critical paths are required with every integration. 

Bespoke software development and integration: The Hub provides on-demand development for applications; middleware and back-office development. This then requires integration based on the functional requirements and technical specifications which can involve 3rd party integrations.

Service Level Agreements (SLA): These are agreed with customers and depend largely on the helpdesk set up. The Hub Platform has access to all data and all elements of the solution so can be used for CRM, data management, and hardware support as well as delivering the overall solution.

Hardware sourcing: The Hub is agnostic to hardware regarding their platform. However, they are recognised as a software partner by numerous global hardware providers e.g. NCR, IBM, Toshiba as well as less known providers who are providing significant additional choice. All globally source, locally assemble, and install an ever-widening range of digital hardware solutions. These relationships are set up to provide the best value for money and limited reliance on proprietary software in whatever device requires integration.


AWS/Paragon/Mastercard/ITSO/EMVcoThe Hub has been operating for 24 years and has established numerous strategic partnerships to deliver end to end solutions with an API integration set up to ‘plug and play’ on demand. This starts with our client base who will have invested in some if not all digital options already. We do not need to reinvent these unless requested to but clients may also need to develop an integration to join up what they have. In this case, The Hub acts as an integration hub which in turn optimises cost reduction and efficiencies as well as installing a centrally controlled mission control for all touchpoints of what historically was a disconnected customer experience.

The Hub Platform is an open platform and technically capable of plugging in 3rd party partners on demand when required. This allows us to create end to end solutions that meet regulated standards when required and which will take others a long-time to perform. We categorise our partnerships related to the core capabilities of The Hub Platform. For example, we are integrated with Mastercard for both card issuance as well as payment processing which means we have a unique capability in the payment arena. In another ticketing category, we are integrated to issue ITSO smart bus, coach, and rail ticketing through any digital channel which again is unique, especially if you were to merge both examples which are a combination of smart closed-loop ticketing with smart open-loop payment. 

In conclusion, we have built up a select group of trusted partnerships in an ecosystem we are very familiar with. The Hub open Platform can, therefore, fast track best of breed solutions including technologies mentioned as well as new ones coming to market. This open technology approach includes hardware; communications; cloud-based security biometrics and so on, all of whom we monitor and can integrate with using The Hub Platform.