Problem: The Go-Ahead Group wanted to deploy a new card issuance and card load process for an existing smart ticket platform called ITSO as well as a contactless payment capability. There are currently 16.5m ITSO cards in market used for passenger travel across rail, bus, tram and ferry. Over 11m are subsidised by the government. GAG is the largest private provider of ITSO ticketing through their own ITSO Keycard scheme with over 650k cards in market and 100k Keycard journeys per day. GAG wanted to trial Keycard issuance and load using a new ITSO Part 11 standard. This had never been integrated previously by any operator and involved a 2- year procurement exercise.

Solution: The Hub won this contract in a competitive procurement against all current providers of the solution. At the time The Hub Platform already supported the largest self-service network for bus ticketing with National Express processing over £16m pa. We used this platform and re-configured it in three ways for three GAG operating companies (for the price of one) in Brighton and Hove; Metrobus and Oxford bus. The Hub and spoke system successfully tested centrally and then needed to be reconfigured locally for differences in operations and communications. The system was then activated both centrally and locally on a permission-based model. This solution could be immediately replicated to any hardware solution including mobile.

Results: The Hub Platform mission control has now been used by three GAG bus operators to remotely 24/7 and in real-time run their self-service machines. Over the last three years they have now processed over £7m ticketing revenues and 2019 The Hub bus platform was extended to 14 self-service ITSO card load machines for rail and the GAG GTR franchise. The Hub is both the Token Service Provider (TSP) as well as the Wallet Service Provider (WSP) combining closed and open-loop technologies.

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