Problem: The Government were looking to support the development of ambitious and innovative products and services which will help society or industry during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Solution: The Hub submitted to the UK government a Covid-19 mobile proposition using The Hub pre-built open mobile platform for plug-in COVID-19 mobile-specific applications. The initial objective was to provide the NHSx, NHS digital and PHE access to a mobile QR health passport certificate app related to antigen/antibody and vaccination tests passed or not. Longer-term the intention was to then add new secure COVID-19 mobile apps for a total safe@work solution. 

Results: The Hub company was awarded an Innovate UK grant for their COVID-19 safety @ work mobile app platform proposition in mid-June 2020.  The Hub plug in-app solutions are as follows:

The Hub Antigen test and mobile certificate:

The Hub Antibody test and mobile certificate:

Since then they have also integrated their platform with up to 2 other ‘plug and play’ solution providers in ParagonID and Yoti. This meets the submission that one platform could support all apps that follow the UK government safety guidelines without duplicating the platform development. 

The Hub has also now released a 24/7 mission control with access to a further 5 mobile ‘plug-in’ applications related to managing a full-scale safe@work proposition. This mission controlled system can integrate with existing HR records and supports the following functions; Employee registration; Pre-book attendance; Shift scheduling; Personalised messaging; 24/7 real-time remote management dashboard remotely managing tap in/tap out access control;  

The Hub access control mobile app:

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