Problem: For 17 years the 54 racecourses had run the same PASS VIP access control system but it had become limited and needed an upgrade of over 54 independent racecourses. Each year over 1750 events take place with roughly 30k VIPs registered who can also invite guests. The annual estimated VIP + guest footfall of this is 1.5m. 

Solution: The Hub was commissioned by a 3rd party working with the Racecourse Association (RCA) and started with their existing AWS digital platform. In less than 3 months we had reconfigured The Hub Platform with a digital transformation involving the set-up of 30k VIP www accounts as well as installation of 54 access control systems involving 24/7 real-time remote management of over 100 mobile contactless readers at gates on all racecourses. This then required agreement on data management under GDPR which is now updated overnight a daily basis. 

Results: The system has been running continuously and successfully with a dual help desk service for both VIP and racecourse administration. Both use The Hub mission control as their 24/7 remote management system including PASS card issuance and account-based issues mainly related to guest allocation. If required, this PASS2 system could be converted to mobile using the same back office. It already issues guest tickets as a QR coded paper print at home.

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