Our core pricing approach is as a Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) including a per-click fee based on pre-defined key performance indices (KPI)

Any charges only relate to the use of the selected capabilities of The Hub platform picked from The Hub pre-built software library.  Once the selection has been made The Hub then reconfigures the platform specifically for each requirement which could involve some additional developments on occasion. 

The key pricing advantages of The Hub Platform are a low entry price; a competitive operational cost with continuous built-in upgrades and the ability to reduce support and maintenance charges. This last point is based on the fact that we reconfigure a central dashboard that allows the client to own and manage in house our mission control functionality to monitor and manage all aspects of their solution 24/7 and in real-time. 

Regarding software development and use it falls into 3 main areas (1) customer facing apps; (2) middleware and (3) core IT back office.  If requested to build new (customer experience platforms) applications, The Hub will. Equally existing user-facing applications can be plugged into The Hub middleware (business enabling) platform. This has 10 business solution platforms all with at least 50 identifiable functions pre-built and all with multiple APIs that are already integrated with the world-leading AWS cloud-based platform (Core IT provisioning). This is required in turn to opening up global audiences with pre-certified security for global standards such as EMV payments. 

Any data that goes through The Hub Platform can be tracked and reported on and any registration made can be dynamically personalised over time. Much of The Hub middleware is about acting as a gateway to third parties or the engine room of sizeable and growing omnichannel enterprises. 

In addition, we globally source the best value for money hardware based on our ability to load The Hub software onto any proven hardware option. Our agnostic position on hardware enables us to recommend new hardware technologies that continually come to the market and that we can impartially vendor select. We do not mark-up globally sourced hardware in an effort to reduce the overall costs specifically firmware related. 

We aim to be price competitive as we have built (and still do) this platform over the last 15 years. Perhaps more importantly we are aiming to provide unique value for money in terms of how fast to market we are and the variety of end2end solutions open to any plug-in when needed.