Transforming business for the better 

The Hub digital solutions are customer demand centric; fast to market; cost less to set up and less to maintain. We believe therefore they are more likely to transform any business model. 

In a modern and progressive digital ecosystem, customer facing solutions are often described as the endpoint e.g. a Citizens Prepaid card. However, these digital solutions are more than just apps and most involve hidden and complex end2end integration with numerous other IT providers. We specifically set up The Hub platform to integrate the back office with any customer facing solution in a seamless, cost effective and superfast way compared to traditional implementation. The Hub has available off the shelf, the following core digital functions available on day one as follows:  

  • Registration and 24/7 real-time account management 
  • Dynamic profiling and personalisation of all registration and use.
  • Customer Relationship Management CRM and loyalty/reward schemes
  • ID Form factor issuance and GDPR compliance.
  • Cataloguing products and services from any sector to any level of detail.
  • Messaging all users and increasingly with secure mobility
  • Content management and location-based services for any product or service
  • Omnichannel access and a totally open approach to hardware used.
  • Multi device sensors increasingly needing remote management and monitoring
  • Any form of payment processing both issuance and acquiring. 
  • 24/7 and real-time reporting of any data set as well as creating unique centralised AI.

In taking this cloud based ‘Hub and spoke’ approach, over a 24-year history The Hub have created a world beating reusable IT solutions platform. This allows us to ‘plug in’ heavy lifting back office feeds and then deliver them in a very personalised way to any digital device used by either operators or the end user.  We may not originate all elements of the solutions, but we aggregate them in a unique way and on demand. We have continually invested since our foundation in enabling and building APIs for the most critical digital solutions in demand. In doing so we believe we have created a unique central 24/7 real-time mission control providing ground-breaking insights for us to go to the next stage and use the very latest technologies in our solutions without re-inventing the fundamentals e.g. a cloud based account set up for cards can now be easily transferred to mobiles or biometrics if you are open, accredited and technically enable to do this.


The COVID-19 situation affects not only the nation’s health but also the economy and society. Businesses from all over the UK answered our call rapidly to meet the challenges we face today and in the future through the power of innovation.

The ideas we have seen can truly make a significant impact on society, improve the lives of individuals, especially those in vulnerable groups and enable innovative businesses to prosper in challenging circumstances.

Innovate UK Executive Chair Dr Ian Campbell.

By connecting citizens, neighbourhoods and communities through a local public sector platform, they can be linked together within a regulated, ethical, protected and trusted environment. This creates the opportunity for each to participate in solving their problems and the challenges affecting them locally, with the public sector in the role of custodian of the marketplace.

A. Larner iESE

THE HUB delivers world class digital capabilities rapidly to step-change business performance enhancing customer engagement and experience with every touch.

Michael Farish

THE HUB simplifies your business and makes it easier for customers to do business with you. Relentless customer focus is at the heart of what they do.

Mike Farish